Nigel Patterson is a British actor, audiobook narrator, and voice talent.

His work has been heard in numerous audiobook productions, commercials, and industrial films, and he has appeared on stage in regional theatres across the Midwest USA as well as in London’s West End.

So who is Nigel? Good question.

First things first: I work as Nigel Patterson in the USA (AEA / SAG-AFTRA), but my professional name in UK Equity is Nigel Dunbar.

When I was a child and was nervous before an important event, well-intentioned grown-ups would tell me “Don’t worry – just be yourself.” And despite their reassurance, I always found this advice unsatisfactory because I didn’t know who that was.

But over time, I started to pretend to be me. And it’s become something of a habit.

For many years I taught languages in England and maintained – only half-jokingly – that I used to give eight shows a day.

I’m always telling stories – usually to myself. Whether in the rehearsal room, in the sound booth, or at my computer, I look for imaginative ways to give form to chaos – and in doing so, to find a voice that expresses the true meaning of a message, the life behind the words.

I was born in London, but lived for many years in Chicago (don’t ask, long story …) I’m British to the core – but will be eternally grateful to the USA for showing me the limitless possibilities of self-reinvention.

Oh – and I can’t abide beetroot, liver, or whistling.