17 12, 2015


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Iain Rob Wright’s Ravage is an “apocalyptic horror novel” set in the Midlands in England, and now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Iain has rapidly become one of the UK’s most popular horror writers, publishing a series of thrillers in quick succession which has earned him a loyal following of devoted fans.

Ravage deals with a scenario which is familiar to aficionados of the genre: the main character, Nick, wakes up one morning to find that some bizarre infection has spread amongst everyone he knows – not just his family, but across his entire neighborhood and apparently, as he later discovers, the whole world.

The infection is contagious, spread by contact with bodily fluids such as the blood or saliva of an infected person, and quickly turns victims into mindless zombies baying for fresh blood.

Nick is obliged to flee for his life, and soon teams up with a ramshackle band of survivors who have managed to avoid infection through unexpected circumstances – or sheer dumb luck.

The survivors manage to find somewhere to take refuge, but very soon a different enemy begins to stalk them – a power struggle among the group that asserts itself as quickly as the order of civilized society has been eroded. Very quickly, it becomes clear that this enemy within is just as frightening – and much more dangerous – than the world outside their haven.

Ravage is fast-paced, with a colorful cast of characters, plenty of gore, and a storyline that builds through a series of cliffhangers to an explosive climax. And refreshingly, it’s a zombie novel where the focus is on the characters – both human and animal – rather than the “walking dead.”

Listen to a sample:

I really enjoyed narrating this novel, and I’m looking forward to producing more of Iain’s work in audiobook format later this year – stay tuned for updates!

23 07, 2015


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Sometimes, a horror writer takes you on a journey of the imagination that ventures into the realms of fantasy or the supernatural, bringing to life situations or characters that inhabit our dreams or nightmares.

But in ASBO, Iain Rob Wright has created a scenario that’s terrifying precisely because it takes place in the real world, with recognizable characters facing all-too-familiar situations.

ASBO stands for Anti-Social Behaviour Order – a civil order made by the British courts to curtail repeated anti-social behaviour, whether by juveniles or others creating a persistent nuisance in a community.ASBO stands for Anti-Social Behaviour Order – a civil order made by the British courts to curtail repeated anti-social behaviour, whether by juveniles or others creating a persistent nuisance in a community.

When Andrew Goodman is confronted in the street by an abusive teenager demanding he buy him a packet of cigarettes, he’s inclined to brush the incident off as an unpleasant chance encounter that’s totally out of place in his comfortable, middle-class neighborhood.

But things rapidly get out of hand when Andrew realizes that for some reason he and his family are being deliberately targeted by the emotionally unstable Frankie and his gang of delinquent followers, who unleash an escalating campaign of violence and terror that threatens their very lives – and the police seem to be able to do little to protect them.

Here’s a short excerpt:

22 07, 2015


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Is Sammie just a very troubled little boy – or is there something altogether more sinister behind this ten-year-old’s disturbing behavior?

When a washed-up ex-priest and a geeky ghost-hunter join forces to find the truth behind the shocking events that have taken place in Sammie’s country home, they bring a healthy dose of skepticism to their task.

They find a malnourished, dirty, and seemingly neglected child living in palatial surroundings, but quickly discover that nothing is as it seems. A spate of mysterious injuries and the recent death of Sammie’s father could be easily passed off as unfortunate accidents – but the investigators are quickly drawn into a dramatic trap that leads to a horrifying conclusion.

With a twist at the end to blindside any listener, Sam is a story in the best tradition of paranormal horror and demonic possession.

Listen to a brief extract from Sam:

Did you know that you can get this audiobook free when you start a free 30-day trial at Audible? Or if you would like me send you a review copy, send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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