David Leadbeater’s Matt Drake series continues in audio with the release this week of The Blood King Conspiracy, available now at Audible.

This second episode of the fast, action-packed Matt Drake romp picks up the story shortly after where The Bones of Odin (Book One) left off. We get to meet key characters who intriguingly were only introduced by name in the previous story – such as Mai Kitano and Mano Kinimaka – and we find out more about the cunning and calculating Alicia Myles and Drake’s rather sinister former SAS commander, Wells…

In keeping with David Leadbeater’s style, the story drops the listener in heat of the action from the very beginning, and there are enough plot twists and suspense to keep you engaged right up to the shocking finale.

And, of course, as befits any adventure thriller, there’s a larger-than-life villain, the Blood King himself – the most dangerous and feared underworld figure of them all.

When a mission to salvage an undersea wreck reveals a device that turns out to be the answer to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Drake and his team will need all their speed and skills to defeat the Blood King’s quest to steal the device and hold the world’s governments to ransom.

With world-class research geeks on hand and the backing of the CIA and the SAS, Drake is quickly on his trail. But it isn’t long before Matt realizes just how far the Blood King’s reach extends – and to what terrible ends this arch-enemy is prepared to go to achieve his aim and exact revenge on those who betray him…

Listen to a brief extract from The Blood King Conspiracy: