National Tell a Story Day

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Listen2aBookApril 27th is National “Tell a Story” Day, and audiobook narrators around the world have been teaming together to spread the word about some of their favorite audiobook projects. Twitter users can find some of the latest suggestions using the hashtag #Listen2aBook.

From cave wall paintings to mediaeval mystery plays, from troubadours singing of courtly love to today’s digital media, every culture has used storytelling to entertain, instruct, record, and pass on social values from one generation to the next. Oral storytelling traditions predate the invention of writing itself, and the current popularity of audiobooks brings this age-old tradition full circle.

Today, readers can listen to a book that they’re also enjoying on a Kindle via other electronic medium, even being able to pause the story on one device and pick it up later at the same spot on another. As one listener recently put it, “it’s as though a close friend were sitting close by, reading the story aloud just for you.”

If you have never tried listening to an audiobook, you can take your pick from hundreds of titles and download a free audiobook when you try a free 30-day membership at Audible.

It’s time to #Listen2aBook!