1. Audiobook Demo - 1st Person Fiction (Her Last Tomorrow by Adam Croft Nigel Patterson 1:31
  2. Audiobook Demo - 3rd Person Fiction (Schreiber's Secret by Roger Radford) Nigel Patterson 1:51
  3. Audiobook Demo - M/F Dialogue (Jack Be Nimble by Adam Croft) Nigel Patterson 2:39
  4. Audiobook Demo - Classic Fiction (He Knew He Was Right by Anthony Trollope) Nigel Patterson 2:04
  5. Audiobook Demo - Non-Fiction (Breeding Gazelles by Dan Bradbury) Nigel Patterson 2:13
  6. Commercial Demo Nigel Patterson 1:07
  7. Industrial Narration Demo Nigel Patterson 1:11
“Nigel Patterson’s keen ear and impeccable diction give insights into the prevailing attitudes of the period… his wholly credible characters stay with you long after you unplug.”
Review of Earphones Award winning Schreiber's Secret, AudioFile Magazine
“Nigel… made it seem so effortless, that it was easy to forget he was reading. It felt more like a good friend sitting with me, telling a story.”
Customer review of Sam, by Iain Rob Wright, Audible.com

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“Very compelling storytelling…”