Is Sammie just a very troubled little boy – or is there something altogether more sinister behind this ten-year-old’s disturbing behavior?

When a washed-up ex-priest and a geeky ghost-hunter join forces to find the truth behind the shocking events that have taken place in Sammie’s country home, they bring a healthy dose of skepticism to their task.

They find a malnourished, dirty, and seemingly neglected child living in palatial surroundings, but quickly discover that nothing is as it seems. A spate of mysterious injuries and the recent death of Sammie’s father could be easily passed off as unfortunate accidents – but the investigators are quickly drawn into a dramatic trap that leads to a horrifying conclusion.

With a twist at the end to blindside any listener, Sam is a story in the best tradition of paranormal horror and demonic possession.

Listen to a brief extract from Sam:

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