20 01, 2018

The Emperor’s Coloured Coat

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In early 1912, the hapless Lieutenant Otto Prohaska finds himself stuck as a gunnery officer aboard a battleship mostly moored in harbor. He answers a War Ministry advertisement for training as a naval air pilot, but he soon finds himself appointed aide-de-camp for aviation to the appalling, boorish, near-insane Austro-Hungarian heir-apparent: the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Having taken an ill-considered break from duties to engage in a mad fling with a Polish actress, he makes a desperate attempt to elude his lover’s husband, and soon finds himself mistaken by anarchists as one of their own. Otto soon masters their code names and secret handshakes, but when he also learns of their plans to assassinate the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, his duty is clear. He must alert his superiors–now, if only he can find someone who will believe him! (More info)

20 01, 2018

A Sailor of Austria

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In the spring of 1915, a young Austro-Czech naval lieutenant Ottokar Prohaska finds himself posted to the minuscule Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Submarine Service in the Adriatic port of Pola.

There follow three and a half years of desperate World War One adventures fighting for the House of Habsburg aboard primitive, ill-equipped vessels, contending not just with exploding lavatories and the transport of Libyan racing camels but with a crew drawn from a dozen different nationalities-and a decaying imperial bureaucracy which often seems to be even more of an enemy than the British, the French, the Italians and the sea itself. (More info)

31 07, 2017

The State Counsellor

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The State Counsellor

Russia, 1891. After the new governor-general of Siberia has been murdered on a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, State Counsellor Erast Fandorin finds himself accused of the crime.

The only way for Fandorin to save his reputation is to find the mysterious CG – and the government mole who is feeding him information. Can Fandorin survive corruption among his fellow officials, the fearlessness of an unknown enemy, and the advances of a sultry young nihilist with his morals intact..? (More info)

21 11, 2016

Soldier of Rome: The Legionary by James Mace (Book One of the Artorian Chronicles)

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Soldier of Rome: The Legionary

In the year 9 A.D., the Roman army suffered an epic defeat in the forests of Germania after being betrayed by their barbarian auxiliaries. Six years later, the Emperor Tiberius sends his adopted son Germanicus to lead a force of 40,000 soldiers in a campaign to annihilate the tribes who took part in the infamous massacre of three legions in Teutoburger Wald.

One of the Roman soldiers is a young legionary Artorius, whose beloved elder brother was killed in the bloodbath in Germania. For him the campaign is a personal vendetta, and he has revenge in his heart… (More info)

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